Friday, December 12, 2008

Do you like elemetary or middle school better?

I actually like middle school better because they give you more freedom and responsibility. In elementary school, it didn't seem like we were treated as old are we were at the time. Now they actually treat us our age, and thats always nice.


Mackenzie N said...


CourtneyB said...

yeah...middle school's awesome:D as mackenzie said, no more straight lines!!(thank GOODNESSS for that!!!) I mean, really. Not everybody can walk in a straight line. Some of us are just not that talented. I mean, we try, so hard we try, but we always walk a little to the left or to the right. It's insanity. It's like teachers just expect people to be able to walk straight.
Not to mention the hallways are always so boring...the same colors, EVERYWHERE YOU TURN. The only good thing about the hallways is when a teacher puts a sign out in the hallway that has some sort of gramatical error we can all make fun of.
Another thing, there are a ton more people in middle school. Thus, you meet more people, and become friends with more people. Or you don't. Either way. (however, when you're supposed to be able to talk to said people is beyond me. lol:D) Ok, and now i've said too much. Sorry. My bad:) lol

RileyM said...

Lol it is nice to not have to walk in a straight line...
And there are a lot more people! I hate the team thing though, because you don't get to see the people on other teams that much. I remember at the beginning of the year, ALL my friends from my old school were on different teams, and most of them were on blue, so I was like, 'Oh this is great.'. But now I have TONS of friends on green, so it's all good. :)
I also LOVE the mixers and dances - they are sooooooo much fun!!
I also like the ability to be able to choose your classes - advanced or non-advanced, music or art, and your electives! (Though most of that freedom isn't given to us until eighth grade... It's still awesome and better than elementary!)
So yeah, I would say I like middle school better than elementary.

CourtneyB said...

omg. i am so glad i do not have to take art this year. ! now, don't get me wrong, art is awesome and everything, but i think people were getting tired of seeing my horrible attempts at artwork. trust me, the world is better off if i just stay away from colored pencils and paint and all of that. lol:D
omg. ur so right about the whole "team" thing...although it does provide a lot of organization in the school, you don't get to see like any of your friends on different teams. And i couldn't even use that to my advantage, because my sister's on the same team as me! i mean, really, not cool. lol:D
as for mixers and dances, they're ok. too loud, too crowded...but kinda fun. lol:D have a happy monday.

RileyM said...

Ha ha. I don't like art much either. I'm pretty bad at it. I hate when we have to draw stuff and do art-related projects in our core classes. It's like "This isn't art!! Noooo don't make me draw!! I took music for a reason!!"
Pshh...who cares about organization?? Lol, jk. I guess you're right.
He he I'm very hyper and loud (right Chris??) and stuff so I looooove the dances & mixers soooo much!! I can be my crazy self. :D It's awesome...

(Ooooh on the Word Verification thingy it made an actual word - crops!!!)

BrieG said...

I prefer middle school the only thing I liked about elementary is I Ms.Bentlee, she used to make it really fun in Science, but the other than that middle school gives us more freedom...!:)
But I do not like waking up so early!
I'm not a morning person as you can tell!